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Team Rep Select - Dedicated Select - House League House League
Description Competitive rep program focused on the rep loop. Competitive dedicated select program focused on the select loop. Competitive select program which focuses on programing over and above house league activities programing. Designed for kids 4-18 house league baseball is for players of all skill levels. The goal of this program is to promote skill development, team building, sportsmanship, confidence and enjoyment of the game of baseball.
Length 10 months 10 months 10 months 4 months
Cost $$$$ $$$ $$ $
Coaching Strong local coaches & use of professional 3rd party coaches Strong local coaches & use of professional 3rd party coaches Strong local coaches & use of professional 3rd party coaches Volunteers from the community (ie. parents, past players and volunteers); Coaching support provided through preseason and on field training sessions and developed practice plans.
Practices Nov - Dec 4-5 / month 2-3 / month 1-3 / month N/A
Practices Jan - Apr 8-10 / month 2-4 / month 2-4 / month N/A however Thornhill Baseball does offer House League Clinics.
Practices May - Aug 1 / week 1 / week 0-1 / week 1 / week
Tournaments Yes (3-5) Yes (2-4) Yes (1-3) No
Games during the summer 1-2 / week (primarily during the week within York Simcoe) 1-2 / week (primarily on the weekend within York Simcoe) 0-1 / week (as scheduled). Games will not interfer with house league programming. 1 / week (Thornhill or in neighbouring associations when required)
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About Thornhill Baseball Club

Thornhill Baseball Club is a not-for-profit community service volunteer organization. Founded in 1985, the Club has served and continues to serve, the residents of Thornhill (both within the City of Vaughan & the City of Markham) as the hub for community baseball. Over the past 35 years, the club has provided programing to well over 25,000 individuals.