House League Rules And Policies

All official baseball rules will apply to the house league, with the following amendments when applicable, and all necessary implied changes resulting there from.



The purpose of House League is to provide children with an opportunity to have fun within a context of developing skills, team play and competition.

Common sense, courtesy and good sportsmanship must prevail at all times.

All Club rules will be enforced. The Club expects all players, coaches and spectators to abide by its rules, regulations and code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

No peanut products are allowed in the dugouts or on the playing field.

The season begins in May. Playoffs begin in August with all teams qualifying for Championship Day that takes place in early September.

On average, there will be one game and one practice per week.

Players should arrive at least 30 minutes before game time to warm up and allow coaching staff to set the lineup.

Parents may assist with practices at the invitation of the coaching staff.

Every team should appoint parents to assist with various matters such as score keeping, telephoning, first aid, field preparation, refreshments, car pooling and any other relevant matters.

The home team is responsible for laying out the field prior to the start of each game.

The visiting team gets the use of the infield for 15 minutes before the start of the game.

The home team has the infield up to fifteen minutes before game time. Infield practice will be stopped at or before the scheduled starting time of the game. The coach of the home team is responsible for phoning in the results of games to the division convenor within 24 hours of the completion of the game. Umpires are in charge of the game once “play ball” has been called by the home plate umpire. Problems which occur during the game that are considered serious enough for the league to know about, or which might require arbitration, should be reported in writing to the Division Convenor by umpires and coaches or, in the event of the Division Convenor’s absence or in a situation where a conflict of interest exists, to the Vice President of House League within 48 hours of the conflict or problem occurring.

Parents and spectators bringing dogs and other pets must keep them on a leash and attend to them at all times. Pets causing a disturbance will result in the parent or the spectator being asked to leave the ballpark. Parents are encouraged to support their children and team by remaining at the game and practices and cheering them on. Parents who leave the game must take full responsibility for arranging for supervision by other parents, not the coaches. It is not the coach's obligation to arrange transportation home for the players. Coaches are not to be asked or to be expected to remain behind at the conclusion of games or practices to wait for parents who have gone elsewhere.

In all divisions, up to and including the Peewee Division, for safety reasons, children who are dropped off without a parent or a designate being present will not be allowed to practice or play. Contravention of this rule is subject to disciplinary action by the coaches with the involvement of the Division Convenor or the Vice President of House League, if necessary.

For the full rules book, please click here.

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Thornhill Baseball Club is a not-for-profit community service volunteer organization. Founded in 1985, the Club has served and continues to serve, the residents of Thornhill (both within the City of Vaughan & the City of Markham) as the hub for community baseball. Over the past 35 years, the club has provided programing to well over 25,000 individuals.